Episode 10

Andy Diamond, President of Diamond Medical Labs and Mobile Medical Imaging, Part 2


April 26th, 2020

36 mins 56 secs

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About this Episode

Part 2 of our incredible interview with Andy Diamond, the President of Diamond Medical Labs and Mobile Medical Imaging. In this amazing episode, Andy teaches us everything about how mobile medical imaging is done in nursing homes, rehabs, assisted livings and in patients' homes.
In part 2 we discuss:
Brief summary of mobile labs episode
What sort of equipment do mobile medical imaging labs have in their cars?
How do you get mobile imaging equipment up a flight of stairs?
How much does a mobile digital x-ray machine cost?
How quickly can you get imaging done in a patient's home?
The logistics challenges of home-based medical care
Managing dispatchers for home-based services
How is the logistics of labs more complicated than radiology?
Is there a transportation fee for radiology done in the home?
How do trip fees work when visiting an assisted living or nursing home?
How do you split the trip fee?
What technology is used to manage logistics for home-based care?
Lab tests are not subject to Medicare deductible but imaging is
What could providers do better when ordering labs and radiology?
Training nursing home staff on anatomy
Point Click Care
No trip fee on EKG and ultrasound; trip fee only on x-rays
Do lab and radiology providers need to get patient consent when they visit a nursing home or assisted living?
What is the minimum percent of tests a lab must do in-house?
How many patients per day can a mobile radiology tech perform?
How quickly do labs need to be run?