Episode 16

DME Durable Medical Equipment - interview with Steve Ackerman

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Dr. Amy Schiffman and Dr. Alex Mohseni interview Steve Ackerman, the owner of Spectrum Medical, and do a deep dive into the world of Durable Medical Equipment (DME).
Introduction to Steve Ackerman and Spectrum Medical
What is Durable Medical Equipment DME?
Not disposable, has to be able to sustain repeated use
Can't be used in the absence is disease or injury
Can't be an environment improvement
Can't be a safety item
Controversy with DME beds
Semi-electric bed
Patients who need frequent immediate change in body position
Different types of DME wheelchairs
What is a seating clinic?
What are Assisted Device Professionals
Choices of wheelchairs
K codes for wheelchairs
Hemi wheelchairs
K3 standard wheelchair is the most ordered wheelchair
Parachute ordering portal
Walkers as DME
Medicare local coverage determination (LCD)
Every equipment has its own LCD
Clinical inference
Secondary market for DME
5-year limit
Indoor vs outdoor use of DME
What is a transport wheelchair?
Fraud and abuse in DME
How PT/OT help with getting DME
DME company doesn't remove old equipment
Implications of having and MA plan for DME
Rollators are not covered
Walkers vs Rollators
How quickly can DME be delivered?
Aging in place
Video version: https://youtu.be/m9dM7PT63M0