Episode 19

ALFs (Assisted Living Facilities), a deep dive with Jonathan Edenbaum from Eden Homes

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Dr. Amy Schiffman and Dr. Alex Mohseni do a deep dive interview with Jonathan Edenbaum, the owner of Eden Homes about the ALF industry.
What is an Assisted Living
What is a Group Home
Small vs large assisted living
Kosher assisted living
Key triggers for transitioning from independent living to assisted living
Standard ratios in assisted living days vs nights
Incontinence as a trigger for assisted living
What patients don't qualify for ALFs
They don't do ALFs, ventilators, certain bed sores (III or IV)
Assessments required for qualifying for ALF
RN needs to reevaluate the resident every 45 days
Some facilities charge more for level of care
Romantic relationships between ALF seniors
State and county unannounced random checks
How to determine a low vs high quality ALF
Do an unannounced visit to check quality
Get family reference
RPM in the ALFs
Zoning requirements for ALFs
HOA issues for ALFs
Risks in an ALF
Marketing ALF services
When an ALF resident gets hospitalized
Eden Homes of Potomac
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