Episode 2

Medicare Part A


February 26th, 2020

43 mins 22 secs

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About this Episode

Physicians and other senior-serving professionals trying to operate within the complicated Medicare ecosystem must be constantly learning, as the landscape, rules, tools, and vendors are in constant flux.
We interview eldercare and Medicare industry experts, do deep dives into their companies, services, and experiences, and share their stories and insights with you.

In this Mastering Medicare episode, we cover:
How you qualify for Medicare
Qualifying for Medicare via ALS
Qualifying for Medicare via ESRD on dialysis
Qualifying for Medicare via SSDI disability
Medicare and VA insurance
History of Medicare
Inpatient hospitalization
Rehab aka SNF aka nursing home
Home health
Medicare copays and cost sharing for hospitalization
Medicare part A annual deductible
Medicare cost sharing with rehab SNF
Medicare part A home health
What is Home health?
Home health 485 form
What is skilled nursing?
What does part A PT/OT do?
Copay for part A PT OT
Home health "taxing effort"
Certification of being homebound home health
Certification periods for home health
Recertification of medicare part A home health
Home health aides
Home health 45 minutes twice per week
Will Medicare pay for wound care supplies?
Medicare hospice
What is hospice
Will Medicare pay for hospice
Qualifying for hospice
Hospice certification periods
What does hospice cover and pay for
Hospice payment model
Who pays for a hospice patient if they go to the ER?
Hospice is a risk bearing entity
Hospice certification and recertification periods
What does it mean to be admitted to a hospital