Episode 24

E24: Networking is dead - Launch of AgingHere Slack group


September 12th, 2023

21 mins 26 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

  • Unconventional episode format: The hosts, Alex and the other speaker, interview each other.
  • "Networking is Dead": The focus is on the importance of building meaningful relationships rather than traditional networking, especially in the senior and aging space.
  • Challenges in the Senior Care Industry: Discusses the difficulties in breaking into the senior care market and the importance of building a Rolodex of contacts.
  • Community Building: Introduces the concept of a Slack group aimed at connecting professionals in the senior care industry.
  • Value Proposition: Emphasizes the importance of providing value to others in your network.
  • Security Concerns: Briefly touches on the importance of data security, especially in healthcare.
  • Accelerating Business Growth: The hosts express their desire to help listeners grow their businesses in the aging space, inviting feedback and participation.