Mastering Medicare

Demystifying healthcare and Medicare for senior-serving professionals and providers.

About the show

What's the difference between Home Health and Home Care? How do Medicare Part A and Part B work? How do you order DME for your patient? When and how should you order home oxygen? What's new in the eldercare space?

For physicians, other healthcare professionals, and senior-serving professionals, interacting with Medicare can be complicated and wrought with pitfalls, which, if not understood and managed, will mire your practice in endless paperwork and frustration.

We interview industry experts in every aspect of healthcare, from insurance companies, DME companies, home health agencies, medical providers, and many others, to bring you their real world expertise in the American healthcare system.

Your hosts are Dr. Amy Schiffman and Dr. Alex Mohseni, two Emergency Medicine physicians who have branched off from traditional Emergency Medicine to explore and build solutions with a particular focus on eldercare and population health.

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